About Me

I am an aspiring game designer currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Games and Game Design through Webster University with a minor in Computer Programming. I have been apart of a few different game design teams. As a member of these teams, I have been a sound effects designer and a level designer. I have experience with the design, development, and production of both analog and digital games. I was also involved in the founding of a small indie game company made up of other Webster University students, which gave me experience in the "behind the scenes" of starting a company. This also allowed me to grow my talents in web design/HTML since I was tasked with creating and hosting the company's website. My long term goal is to make designing games into a career in order to share my passion for building exciting new experiences with consumers and gamers everywhere.


I included any and all items I have created here. From screenshots to screenplays, if I made it, I included it. Click below for more.


Patrol! is a board game I designed, developed, and produced. For all the information on this project, click this one.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me reference any of my material, this is the way to go. Inside is all of my contact information, LinkedIn, Facebook links, etc.