Below you will find any games I have published as well as a link to play them if available: 

Robbie the Robot Knight is a 2D Platformer I created using Game Maker Studio 2 and published on Play as Robbie as you traverse through a dungeon. Battle snakes, bats, and other monsters. Collect as many gems as you can!

Zombies Ate My Homework!

Oh no! Zombies are in the school! Use whatever items you can find to defeat them!  Did the sound effects for the game at the 2021 Global Game Jam as part of a team.

Level Designs

Below are some screenshots from a level design internship:

Scriptwriting Experience

"Samurai Future": A 12th century Samurai is transported into the 21st century and must find his way back home to the past! The button below will link you to the current version of the script:

Other Designs:

Below are other various designs I have created:

AR Experience
Below is a short video of an Augmented Reality project I completed.